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I'm so glad you found yourself here at this time..

Hey darling,

I'm taking a break, at least online. I'm taking that long deep breath that is filling my being with a new wave of inspiration. Spending my days creating, be it; music, art, cooking, or just creating some peace.. and it feels so sweet to be here.

In these days I'm living to fill back up my cup. To finish what I barely even started and to dare to answer the deepest callings of my soul. I want to swim in this beauty, immerse myself completely in the creative juices of life.

I have removed myself from any kind of external input/output in these times, which means I won't be on social media for the unforeseeable future.

Instead I want to just share little snippets of this time with you in a more intimate, old-school kinda way.

So I'll be sending out an email to my mailing list subscribers once in a while.
If you would like to witness this part of my journey, please, be my guest.

Thank you for joining me xx