Zoë Sutherland
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The key to creative freedom

1:1 coaching with Zoë


You don't believe we were put here to drag our asses through the 9-5 hustle do you?

And yet here we are, stuck as it seems.. whilst that inner fire is yearning to unleash it's creative power unto something worthy in this world. Something that lights you up.

I am here for you.

Using deep listening, embodied wisdom and shamanic tools to guide you home to the truth of your Soul's essence ~ the chosen embodiment and unique expression of you.

Some of this work includes:

✧ 1:1 weekly sessions, holistic integrated coaching to help you align to your goals/vision/mission, with accountability and guidance.

✧ Insights to your unique blueprint through Gene Keys, Human Design and Astrology.

✧ Shamanic Journeying and integration practices.

✧ Customised meditations to reprogram subconscious beliefs.


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