Soul Alignment Coaching

You know when it's time.
It's that feeling. The tugging of the heart telling you there's something more.


✧ You want to know you're living in alignment to your life's purpose.

✧ You ask yourself, how am I showing up in service to my Soul's calling?
✧ Looking at all the ways you can be living in embodiment to your truth.
✧ Knowing once you dare to walk this path, you're living in your personal freedom.

I am here for you.

Using deep listening, embodied wisdom and shamanic tools to guide you home to the truth of your Soul's essence ~ the chosen embodiment and unique expression of you.

Some of this work includes:

✧ 1:1 weekly sessions, holistic integrated coaching to help you align to your goals/vision/mission, with accountability and guidance.

✧ Insights to your unique blueprint through Gene Keys, Human Design and Astrology.

✧ Shamanic Journeying and integration practices.

✧ Customised meditations to reprogram subconscious beliefs.


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